Tuesday, August 22, 2017

World of Warcraft - Demon Hunter Specializations Explained

The Demon Hunter is a World of Warcraft melee class that uses leather armor and has one specialization for tanking and one for DPS.

Havoc is the Demon Hunter specialization for DPS. This class has a melee fighting style and it uses leather gear with agility. The most important secondary stat is critical strike, followed by haste and mastery. Havoc mechanic is based on generating and spending a resource called fury. The Demon Hunter generates fury when using certain abilities. Fury is then spent to perform more powerful abilities. There is no fixed rotation. There are some general guidelines on how and when abilities should be used. Players will learn how to react to different situations depending on how much fury they have and what abilities are available at the moment. This specialization also provides good mobility and defensive options. The Demon Hunter has amazing single target damage and cooldowns that allow it to adapt to various scenarios. Unfortunately, AOE damage heavily relies on cooldowns and there may be times when Demon Hunters will perform poorly if their abilities are not ready yet. Despite this, Demon Hunters are excellent damage dealers that can successfully fulfill their role in any raid difficulty.

Vengeance is the second Demon Hunter specialization. This is the specialization that allows players to perform as a tank. The best stat for a Demon Hunter tank is versatility. The used weapons are the Aldrachi Warblades. This specialization relies, just like Havoc, on generating resources. Pain is generated when using abilities and when taking damage. The second resource is called soul fragments. These fragments heal the player and are spent to cast other abilities. The Demon Hunter has great damage reduction cooldowns. It also has good mobility which makes it great at rounding up adds. AOE abilities help the Demon Hunter maintain threat and to also deal a significant amount of damage for a tank. Demon Hunters are viable tank choices for mythic dungeons and raids. The play style is easy to learn. This class is perfect for a player who is new to tanking. There is no third specialization. Demon Hunters are a World of Warcraft class that has only two specializations.

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